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Qatar is evolving its economy into a robust, sustainable, and innovative one that connects the world. Discover why – and how – Qatar should be your next investment location.

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Qatar attracts famous people and brands, as well as innovators, startups, and students. Learn what makes the region so active, and why its long-term sustainable strategy is drawing international attention.

Being at the crossroads of the world is extremely beneficial, as is Qatar’s progressive policy towards skilled professional migration.” We hire from the Middle East, Europe, Asia, the Indian subcontinent, the Americas, and Oceania

The area is focusing on upskilling its employees in developing sectors as Qatar diversifies its economic interests. Qatar’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology will collaborate with Microsoft to develop a new upskilling programme in 2022. The programme, which is part of the new Digital Centre of Excellence, aims to improve the digital skills of 50,000 workers by 2025.

In keeping with Qatar’s National Vision (QNV) 2030, Qatari Diar Real Estate Company is a pioneer in sustainable development, currently handling over 50 global projects worth $35 billion. This fast-growing industry has allowed Qatari Diar to renovate London’s Chelsea Barracks, Cairo’s St. Regis Hotel, and Asia’s Diar Dushanbe mixed-use luxury development in a sustainable manner. In Qatar, the firm is in charge of the Smart metropolis Lusail project, a “future city” with 200,000 residents who benefit from sustainable living. Lusail, which spans 38 square kilometres, provides cutting-edge infrastructure, unique cooling technologies, and green transit networks that provide long-term societal advantages.

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In the prosperous job market of Qatar, several professions emerge as top earners, offering impressive remuneration packages. These sought-after career paths include:

  1. Petroleum Engineers: Given Qatar’s significant oil and gas industry, petroleum engineers are highly valued for their expertise in optimizing extraction and production processes.
  2. Medical Specialists: Doctors and medical specialists enjoy substantial compensation due to their critical roles in providing healthcare services to the population.
  3. IT Managers: With the rapid growth of technology, IT managers are handsomely rewarded for their ability to oversee complex digital infrastructure.
  4. Finance Professionals: Financial experts, including accountants, financial analysts, and investment managers, are in demand to manage the country’s robust economic activities.
  5. Aviation Professionals: Qatar’s aviation sector offers well-paying opportunities for pilots, air traffic controllers, and aviation management professionals.
  6. Engineering Experts: Qatar’s construction and infrastructure development require skilled engineers in fields such as civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering.
  7. Management Consultants: Experienced consultants in various industries are valued for their strategic insights and problem-solving capabilities.
  8. Legal Professionals: Lawyers and legal advisors benefit from Qatar’s growing business environment, offering legal services to corporations and individuals.
  9. University Professors: Qatar’s educational institutions seek qualified professors to deliver high-quality education across diverse disciplines.
  10. Senior Project Managers: Qatar’s ambitious projects in construction, infrastructure, and development create a demand for experienced project management professionals.

These career paths present exciting opportunities for individuals seeking financial prosperity and professional growth in Qatar’s thriving economy.

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